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Wish Book of Gypsy Horses for Sale

Update! Read all the way to the end for sale news!
You know, I usually refuse to think of myself as getting old, but the changes that have taken place in the world over the years remind me that - well, according to my kids and technology - I'm old.

One such example is the Sears Wish Book. If you grew up in the 1970's, you probably received a Sears Wish Book every year. And by the time your parents took you to see Santa, that catalog had been flipped through, dog-eared and well worn. You'd gotten a chance to study each and every item in the TOYS section, crossed out the most unnecessary, put stars next to the ultimate must-haves, and had your list ready to go.

"Hey Barbie, get away from my horse. And give me that hat while you're at it."
So what do younger kids browse through nowadays? (Nowadays. What a dumb word. I might as well carry a cane and start saying "whippersnapper") Anyways, what is it - Amazon? Best Buy? Ebay? Etsy?

This whole idea of the Wish Book came to me while I was browsing the internet recently, looking at - what else - horses.

Schleich Toys Tinker Mare

Now, I am not a huge breeder by any means but as a part of the Gypsy Horse community,  I do like to keep in touch with other breeders and owners and see who's doing what with their horses. Stallions get bought and sold and go to new barns, and it's interesting to see which mares get bred to which stallions, and the foals they produce. There are also plenty of mature horses for sale that are broke to ride or drive and ready to go.
(This collection is my idea alone, and these folks won't even know I've featured their horse until after this is written. I am receiving nothing from this except the pleasure of spreading the word. If you are interested in any of these horses, please contact the owner. Keep in mind this is a very small selection of the many horses available for sale.)
So, let's take a look at a few, shall we? (read all the way to the end for a surprise)

Gypsy Horse Wish Book!

Dugan, 2007 Black Blagdon stallion.

What a cutie! I am such a sucker for the blagdons, and I love a white face on a horse!
Contact Cheryl Lang
New Hampshire

If you visit her site, make sure to click on Maddie's page, where you can read a great story about a girl and her horse! I'm thinking of hiring Maddie to come & train my girls ... :)

Desert Jewel Parker, 2007 Black mare with 2011 chestnut colt

Parker is a very nice black mare. Her sire is Desert Jewel's Lenny's Horse, the same sire as Keira and Fina. I'm a huge Lenny fan, and it's because he produces such beautiful, well-mannered stock.
Desert Jewel is where I purchased Chroicoragh and Siofra, and they have always treated us well. 
Super nice people.
Contact Jennifer Gilson

SD Whistler, 2009 Blue Roan Colt

A great example of Roan! Isn't he pretty?
His owner, Sherri, operates the American Gypsy Horses website, and does a fabulous job of keeping track of everyone, maintaining the sales pages and making videos.
Contact Sherri Barnes

Silver Express, 2010 Black Silver Dapple colt

Very nice colt with unusual coloring, due to the desirable silver gene.
Out of a gorgeous stallion, Silver Bullet. 
June Villa has gathered an impressive collection of stallions, including Romeo, Dalcassian and Taskin:
Contact June Villa

Clononeen Lyric, 2004 Piebald Mare

When I see this mare, all I can think of is that song where the guy says 
"Damn, girl!"
Sorry for the language, but look at her! Absolutely stunning.
Clononeen horses are always beautiful, and very well bred.
Chroicoragh is named for her dam, Clononeen Chroicoragh - you can still see Chroi's baby pics on their site! :)
I've always loved their horses.
Contact Brian or Deirdre Cash

Platinum, 2005 Dapple Grey Stallion

Oh, Platinum, if only...
I am so in love with this horse. If anyone buys him and brings him to the states, 
let me know just so I can come & see him in person. 
I will bring carrots.
Seriously though, The Vines family horses are some of the best of the breed.
Contact Michael Vines

Bella, 2011 black blagdon filly

Holy cow, you could dollop some frosting on her, 
put a cherry on top and call her Cupcake! 
Is she the cutest little thing or what?
From the Coates Family, who bred Siofra.
They own another of my fave stallions, Oliver.
Contact Albert or Amy Coates

Josy Mare's Filly, 2009 Black & White filly

Feminine filly with nice coloring - notice the two black ears poking out of the white mane. From the Downs family's famous stallion, SD Chief.
Another British family with an impressive breeding program.
Many more horses available, U.S. location as well.
Contact the Downs Family

Price Family Mare & 2009 foal

The Price family, located in Wales, has been home to some of the most renown
stallions the breed has offered. 
Contact the Price family

This has been an extremely conservative list but for me to cover all of the horses and breeders out there I'd need another week of browsing...not that that's something I wouldn't enjoy, but my laundry is piling up, and the boys are looking at me with those poor hungry faces.
Lord knows they'd die if they ever had to feed themselves.

So if the above links weren't enough for you, here are a few more to check out:

Another UK breeder, who owned the famous Tumbler stallion 
before he came to the US:

An amazing page of Gypsy Horse links from Blue Moon Gypsies:

For Shires and Drums contact Kim Oest:
NEW! We are now offering Fina AND Keira for Sale!
Special package price if both fillies are purchased together.
Fina, 2011 Blue & White filly

Keira, 2009 Dapple Grey Filly
still available!

If you are interested in having your own little fairy tale, contact me.

Happy horse shopping!



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