Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is...

Love Is...
Finding your soulmate

your first dog

Sharing Chocolate cake

Spending your honeymoon camping 

We couldn't afford a big trip
But we didn't care

...Finding out that it wasn't really an "all-day flu"

Taking your kids on adventures

Birthday cake frosting

Playing in the snow

Elk hunting at Thanksgiving, and
flirting with your guide ; )

Finally getting that honeymoon, 
and bringing the kids

Having a fight,
and getting over it


Good times


First cars

Sleeping in the shade

Love is...
going to Costco in your jammies with your husband
because while he wants to surprise you with flowers,
He also wants you to hang out with him.
And who wants to go to Costco alone?
So you pretend to browse through the books
while your he picks out your Valentine's bouquet.

Love is...
Almost 20 years of memories.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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