Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clever Girl

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a hungry horse.
In stacking the great load of hay we received earlier this summer, my incredibly efficient husband loaded as many bales as he could in our extra stall.
That way, he has less to move under cover later on. (Hay must be kept under cover, to keep it dry--from what little rain we might get--so it won't get moldy. We store as much as we can under the shade, and the rest gets covered with a tarp until we can move it, too.)
Here is the problem: my horse, who is smarter than she'd like you to believe, and very food-motivated, has figured out that if she stands on the metal pipe cross-piece of the fence, she can reach over and eat the hay on the other side. Proof:

See the missing corner of the hay bales? That is the precise distance Chroicoragh was able to reach over and munch. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her caught in the act--and believe me, I did catch her in the act, hoof poised up on the bar, neck arched yoga-like, as far as possible, allowing her prehensile lips to pinch off a strand or two of delicious alfalfa--but whenever I went out with my camera, she pulled the ol' singing frog bit, and looked at me like she had no idea how that hay had gotten half-eaten.

The problem comes when this 1,000 + pound dainty princess decides to pull the same maneuver on the gate, and the hinges break:

Time to call in the professionals.

A nip here,

A tuck there,
(incidentally, that saw-thingy that he's using cut through ¼-inch galvanized steel like butter! I have no idea what I would ever use it for (hmm..maybe ripping out my horrible ancient shower tiles??) but I want one!)

A little welding here and there,
(believe me, he's making it look easy)

Good as new!

Everyone loves welding in 110˚ heat!
Thank you!

Living with horses, I have found that nothing surprises me, and you never know what to expect. But it helps to have a few dollars set aside for impromptu repairs.

What'd I do?

I leave you with an evening shot of a summer monsoon storm in the desert.  
Living here has its ups and downs, but the sun setting in the western sky is truly a thing of beauty.


  1. Could you work this into your book? A younger horse like Chroicoragh on the "other side" pulling silly stunts? Even if not, this story is very funny...I love the image of the hay bales partially eaten. What else is she doing when you aren't looking? Maybe the singing frog analogy isn't too far off.

  2. Well, I did see a top hat back there...


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