Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

I'm working on a new post about Chroicoragh's new venture into dressage training (yay!) but until then, I thought I'd give you some eye candy in the form of our last-of-the-summer weekend trip.

Everyone was excited to get out of the heat. (That's Rudy)

Now, if I showed you these pictures and told you to guess the location, what would you say?

Colorado? Nope.

Montana? Nope.

Idaho? Nope.

Folks, welcome to the White Mountains of beautiful Eastern Arizona.

The air is so pure and clean and the grass so fresh and green, it is a balm to our dust-coated, heat-baked souls. The first thing I did when we had our camp set up is lay down right on the soft black dirt and its pelt of verdant turf, still damp from a morning storm.

And then Butter came over, and laid down right on top of me.

This is what it looked like.

Now, I know that many of you out there have dogs (and I'm sure they're very nice), and I have other dogs, too, but let me just go on record as saying that Butter is the best dog in the history of dogs.

Even though she has stinky breath and likes to roll around in the dirt.
But, hey, that's how great you feel up in the mountains. You just want to roll around in the dirt.

We set up camp,

Got the fishing poles ready for later,

and went for a walk.

We found a patch of wild raspberries...


a mushroom the size of a dinner plate (that's my youngest son's foot),

and lots of tiny little wildflowers.
I felt like the REAL Heidi, my namesake Heidi.

No, not that Heidi.

and Lord, no not HER. ugh.

THIS Heidi. 
Now I just need some cows.

I had lots of fun playing with the "macro" setting on the camera.
Here are some papery-thin bluebells,

A daisy about the size of a nickel,

Some pretty purple things,

and there's Pepper, hiding behind Indian Paintbrush.

The boys got plenty of shooting practice.

Don't worry, they both passed their hunter safety education! (we all did)

Good gun dogs.

Hooked up on some trout.

Saw some elk,

this pretty mule deer doe,

even a garter snake.

but most of all, we just had a really, 

really good time.

This is my new favorite tree.

and these are my favorite guys.♡


  1. It looks like you guys had a blast!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful! I want to go to there:-) Thanks for the link Aunt Heidi.


  3. I can tell you're a lovely soul.
    Thank you for sharing such beauty!


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