Wednesday, July 21, 2010


What is it about puppies? You just want to squeeze them and kiss them and smell that puppy breath.

My neighbor has these adorable Golden Retriever puppies for sale.

They range in color from blonde to red.

They are squeezable and kissable.

And fat and fluffy.
And ready for a new best friend.

Oh, look at him! He wants to play!

The puppies are AKC registered, and parents are OFA certified. That means the parents have been examined and cleared for hip dysplasia. She has two litters, and all parents on site. Here are the proud sires:

This is Hunter. Have you ever seen a dog pulling a cart? Awesome!

Here's another shot:

And this gorgeous blonde is Jocko.

This is what she has remaining: two male puppies, 12 weeks old.
One female and four males, 8 weeks old. 
Males $400, Females $500
Karen Luna
(480) 998-7815

If I didn't already have three dogs, this one might be coming home with me:

I mean, seriously. How can you resist the cuteness?

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