Saturday, June 5, 2010

In the Ribbons

Chroi and I were invited to attend our first horse show last week. It's something that I'd been wanting to do for awhile, and I was so excited when Kim asked us to go! She is doing some work with Queenie, a mare of Jennifer's at Desert Jewel. We showed both horses in halter, and Kim showed Queenie in the Tobiano class. The thing about taking a horse to a show for the first time is, it is very SCARY! 
Chroi saw so many new and deadly things. Other trailers: deadly. Kids running up and down noisy metal bleachers: deadly. Friendly old ladies complimenting you on your gorgeous horse: deadly. Tables set next to the entry gate with stacks of boxes, ribbons and string: deadly. Artwork on display with the sun reflecting off the glass: deadly. Miniature horses: extra deadly.
Here's how we looked upon entering the arena:

She looks OK here, but really, she's trying to kill me.

We showed up early to get used to the lay of the land, and get our bearings. Our class was 10th, so we figured on having some time. Wrong. On account of a low turnout for the first classes, we got bumped to 2nd, so we entered the ring quite fresh. Chroi made sure everyone know she was there, by rearing and whinnying prior to our taking our turn. My son was off exploring, so I had to whip the camera out of my pocket, and beg an innocent bystander to snap a few photos for me, while trying to control my green mare. He did pretty good, especially considering he was trying to take pics of his own horse as well. Thank you, kind sir!

And here is the incredibly patient judge telling me to trot away from her. They want to see how the horse carries itself at a trot. And, I think she just wanted this goofy horse away from her. That's Kim and Queenie in the background to the left, behaving themselves quite nicely.

Here she is trotting, and me, trying not to get run over, and keep my composure. I just think it's a cool picture because she's all glowy and stuff. It's part of her Unicorn powers.

But she didn't kill me after all. We ended up with our first ribbon, Fourth Place. Out of four horses, but believe me, I was happy just to have the experience and get out of there without any injury or death! You have to start somewhere, and this was the perfect show for us - small, fun, and everyone from spectators to organizers were incredibly friendly and understanding. Thanks, Kim, for the ride and the lesson!

(She does have her endearing qualities.)

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