Sunday, March 21, 2010

Date with a Stud

Single young female seeking potential foal-daddy. 
Me: Well-built 5-year-old Gypsy mare with long silky hair, blue eye, and nice round backside with grey dapples. Graceful neck, strong shoulder, and a flashy trot. Flirty, but not trashy.
You: Strong, colorful type with a take-charge, but gentle personality. You have a reputation with the ladies, but are ever the gentleman. Your foals all bear your stamp of great hair, conformation and excellent temperament. You are top in your field.
Wanna get together?

Ever had to write a personals ad for a horse? : )
It's that time of year - breeding time. Most breeders usually avoid repeating a breeding, meaning pairing the same mare and stallion more than once. But we felt like we really hit the jackpot with Keira. She is just a dream. Beautiful build, straight soft feather, and lots of mane & tail. But the true kicker is her personality. Many breeders, especially in the Gypsy horse community, are breeding specifically for color. There are so many different types and color combinations, and they are all beautiful. And, although we haven't had her color tested yet, we're pretty sure Keira will be a grey. The thing with greys is, not everyone likes them - for two reasons: A genetically dominant grey horse will, over time, fade into a white; and Grey is a dominant gene, meaning this horse will more than likely throw grey babies. So if you are not a lover of greys, this is not the horse for you. Based on that, many breeders will try to avoid breeding for or buying genetically grey horses, because it cuts out a client demographic. Personally, I love greys.
But it's my humble opinion that the most important quality a horse can have is temperament. Personality. You could have the most beautiful horse in the world, but if she's a complete b*tch, you're not going to want to spend any time with her. And Keira turned out so fantastic in that department that we thought we just couldn't beat that pairing again. So we decided to stick with Lenny. Desert Jewel's Lenny's Horse, to be exact. He is one of the top Gypsy stallions in the U.S. today, and for good reason. Pictures of him are breathtaking, but they really don't do him justice. He is just one of those horses that, when you see him in person, you're like, "OK, now I get it." I could go on and on, but most of the info that you'd want to know about Lenny is on his page at Desert Jewel. (click on his name above to go there.)
So Chroi had her first date with Lenny yesterday. If you've never witnessed an equine rendezvous, it's pretty impressive. Let's just say, the guy knows what he's doing.
Here's to successful fertilization!

Update: Chroi is heterozygous for the grey gene.

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